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Are sex toys available in india? if yes where?

SEX, the word is enough to bring chills in most of the people. It is so powerful that it can start and stop a conversation, can attract 100 eyeballs in a second and I would like to believe even stop wars. India the land of KAMASUTRA has become so conservative with the word sex that most of them like to show that it is almost a sin. We literally showed the world how to do it and then stop doing it our self.When did this change? What actually happened? Why did we become so obnoxious about it?These are some of the questions that the youth of India is now started asking and raising voice against it.
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 What I do behind doors in my bedroom should be no one’s concern. Who is anyone to tell me what to do and what not to do, if me and my partner are mutually doing it with consent. The use of toys is still a sticky subject in India and the stupidity of obsolete laws again does not help the cause. Thank God to company’s like who thought it is high time and someone has to step in and show everyone how to do it the CLASSY WAY.A Sex Toy is termed as a toy or object that helps with your sexual activity. How can this be bad and illegal? I think sex toys which are available in India with various online and offline shady stores are the culprit here. There are very few or none which are providing the right brands, collection, products etc. which actually help an adult to live and enjoy a better and healthier sexual lifestyle.

How To Buy Sex Toys online In India Without Any Risk

Problems faced in buying sex toys

WE know its embarrassing to search for sex toy store first which is a bit hard to find, and then move around cozy streets full of adults watching you with strange eyes with questions and then when you visit any sex toys store near you, there will be again a tension to be caught by the police.  WE HAVE SOLUTIONS!!
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